Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Can You Do With... Stale Bread?

Make bread crumbs. Store in the freezer. I ALWAYS have breadcrumbs on hand, and I use them for a million things.

Make croutons.

Make french toast.

Toast it and pour gravy, chicken broth or soup over it.

Make a sweet or savory bread pudding or a breakfast casserole.


Bron said...

Hey Laura, got your link from your comment on Nikki's blog post. Great blog :)

One thing I love to do with leftover bread is pangrattato. Generally best with good bread that's either stale or frozen. It's like the Italian peasants frugal substitute for when there was no parmesan. Got the idea from Jamie Oliver.

You heat up a large lug of olive oil in a frypan with one whole clove of garlic. By the time the garlic has gotten a little brown the oil is ready. Put in some thyme tips or something else really flavoursome (eg chilli or anchovies) and quickly stir then add a small handful of breadcrumbs (they don't need to be too fine, I make mine using a cheese grater).

Stir madly until they go deep golden orange then tip out onto paper towel. Salt generously and serve sprinkled over pasta or risotto. It's really really tasty.

Laura said...

Thanks for commenting, Bron! Sounds delicious. Mmmmm... crispy things...