Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Potato Salad

This has to be a quick one because I swore to myself I'd be in bed before 10:00 tonight. Lame, I know, but when the alarm rings as early as it does at Chez Frugal, these are the necessities of life.

The second the weather starts to warm up, I start craving potato salad. Now, as an adult, I've become an equal-opportunity potato salad lover, but when I make it myself, we are talking stupid simple. I just peel, boil, slice, and cool some potatoes (any kind, I'm not particular -- everything from plain baking potatoes to those swanky purple fingerlings from the gourmet shop), and mix them with very, very finely minced Spanish onion (sweet onions are good, but strong, spicy, tear-making onions are better for this application), a heap of mayo*, a squeeze of plain yellow mustard, and salt and pepper. Really. Frugal, and delicious. Better the next day, and the next. And the next.

Gee, I kinda wish I had some potatoes. Uh, grocery run tomorrow!

* N.B. I am the least brand-conscious person on earth, and you know how I hate to spend money, but people, mayo matters. Do not, I repeat do NOT, buy store-brand mayonnaise! Hellmann's (if you're east of the Rockies in the U.S.) or Best Foods (if you're west of the Rockies) should be the only brand in your cart. Seriously. I will allow the purchase of 365 brand mayo, and Kraft in a pinch. ALSO. This is important: low-fat mayo is not food, you dig? It is franken-food at best. Buy the real stuff and just eat less, mmkay? Your non-freakshow offspring will thank you later for not cramming your body full of chemicals and weird laboratory-based stabilizers in the name of health.


sherrieg said...

I could not agree more with your mayo manifesto! :)

amelia.gordon said...

Ok - here it is: BEST POTATO SALAD EVER - boil your peeled and cut up potatoes in salted water. When cooked, drain and immediately put the HOT POTATOES into a large bowl with chopped onion, celery, and CIDER VINEGAR. cover and put in the fridge a couple of hours. Right before serving, stir in your mayo and possibly some parsley. (you might have to drain off any excess vinegar) So good! the celery and onion are partially cooked by the hot potatoes, and the vinegar is absorbed by the potatoes more when they are warm.

Rebecca said...

well... Hellman's is OK. But, the best mayonnaise ever, and the only *real* mayonnaise, is Duke's. It just is. :-D

Polly said...


It seems here in my neck of the woods the jury is (passionately) split between Hellman's and Duke's. I confess to usually buying the latter but do not mind the former at all--I like it, too.

As for low-fat? Word. Why eat mayo otherwise?!! I feel the same way about peanut butter.

Laura's Mom said...

What about eggs? Do you ever add them to the potato salad, or do you just like them plain?
Also, your dad ate so much bean salsa that I thought he was going to explode? I'm glad he likes it since it's so easy to make, and so good for you.

Laura said...

Mom, the thing is, I like having eggs IN the potato salad, I just don't like boiling and cooling and peeling and cooling some more and chopping the eggs. I prefer to order my life to AVOID cussing at my food, not PROMOTE cussing at my food. So mostly I leave the eggs out. I like potato salad fine either way.

Laura said...


aherrieg, thanks for your comment. I especially appreciate the alliteration. ;)

Amy -- but is it sour? It seems like it would be sour.

Rebecca, what is this Duke's you speak of? Seriously.

Polly, ME TOO about peanut butter. What kind of nonsense is it to try and REMOVE the FAT from a PEANUT?!?